The future needs someone like YOU

ARTs university bournemouth


Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) is a leader in specialist education in Art, Design, Media and Performance. 

Their success can be seen in the number of graduates who go on to have successful careers in the creative industries… but they face a challenge. As the government puts their focus firmly on STEM subjects, the Arts are losing their place on the curriculum. 

In response, AUB wanted a film that encouraged creative people to pursue their creative passion and see how important they are to the future of creative industries. 

A neon ‘YOU’ sign created by two local AUB alumni for upcoming UCAS and Open Day campaigns, was to be the hero.


AUB had a clear idea of what they wanted. A video based in a dream-like state, with an inner voice guiding someone on the path to a creative future. Our role was to bring this to life.

Using storyboards and creative treatments, we worked together with AUB to agree an approach. A local beauty spot was chosen as our location to highlight what a beautiful place Bournemouth is to live and study. 

Following detailed preparation and recce, filming took just a day – with key footage shot during the ‘golden hour’ to create a dream effect. We used lights and programmable timers to create a visual narrative guiding you through the film to the ‘You’ neon.

Specific VFX were added during the post-production phase including, moving particles, lens flare and colour grading to deliver a cinematic quality output.

The soundtrack was supplied by AUB, who commissioned a drummer to create a bespoke piece. The beat was used to add pace to the edit, combined with sounds of nature taken from the location.

Once complete, the final film was then promoted on AUB’s website and various social channels with some paid support.


  • 30-second film, shot using POV and Wide Angle Lens of cinematic quality
  • Storyboarding and project management
  • Post-production


The success that has been delivered so far: 

Organic reach: 

  • YouTube: 7,185 views
  • Facebook: 400 likes, 72 shares  
  • Instagram: 105 likes and 369 views 

Paid support: 

  • YouTube:  6,649 views, 29,971 impressions 
  • Facebook: 67,584 views, 140,994 reach
  • Twitter: 2,068 impressions and 79 total engagements