Inspiring student recruitment

→ Arts University Bournemouth


The Brief

Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) are leaders in specialist education for art, design, media and performance. But they faced a challenge. The government’s focus had shifted to STEM subjects, and it meant the Arts could lose their place on the curriculum. 

It was bad news for the University, and even worse news for the UK’s creative industries. AUB wanted to encourage creative people to follow pursue their passion, and show just how much the creative industries needed them.


The work

AUB wanted a film that stirred up creative passion. And as our most creative client, the team had an idea. ‘The future needs someone like you’ is about following your passion, and doing it in surroundings that nurtures creative thinking. 

We storyboarded their vision and worked with them to develop the idea, pulling in music and props commissioned and created by AUB. Then we produced, directed and edited the final film, before AUB pushed it out on its website and social channels.


Other work