BCS, the Chartered institute for IT, wanted to re-engage their membership base of c.75k IT professionals. We aimed to re-establish the value of being a member, to build a more community-led approach and create more ways for IT professionals to engage with the BCS as an organisation. A new strategic proposition was developed as a platform to engage prospects and members; MAKING IT GOOD FOR SOCIETY is a long-term vision for BCS and the IT industry as a whole and putting their responsibility to society at the heart of everything they do. 


We wanted to make this tangible right from the start. To change opinion we needed to engage key decision makers within organisations, who could to take the new story back to their teams of IT professionals. To do this we created a series of events where specific members could come together to hear some of the best and brightest minds talking about topics related to MAKING IT GOOD FOR SOCIETY. We called this programme the IT Impact series, and designed it to provoke discussion and debate. 

We're also empowering the IT community to have their voice heard through our BCS Voices activity. People are invited to register for their pack online and once they've had their discussion get involved in the online community.

Because of tonight, I’m going to change how we do things at work. Fantastic evening and genuinely new impression of what the BCS stands for.
— Event attendee


  • Strategic events programme
  • Communications strategy
  • Film content
  • Social communications plan and execution 
  • Blogger activity


  • The IT Impact event series is now recognised as the second most valuable reason to pay for membership 
  • 100% Net Promotor Score from event attendees
  • The inaugural live streaming of the event attracted more than 400 viewers