We've found the secret to staying motivated through Monday!


Mondays are hard. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you love your job, or how fun your projects are, surviving until 6pm can seem like an impossibility when peering out beneath the covers at 7am.

At Sideshow we’ve found the secret to staying motivated through Monday, and it’s Yoga! As a reward for making it through Monday and to help relieve those little niggles we all get from sitting at our desks for too long we’ve introduced Monday night, Yoga night. 

At 6PM we don our work out gear, and Julia our master-yogi-teacher guides us through postures and flows to finish on the ultimate — corpse pose.

I’ll admit, the first few sessions were a little awkward. You’re seeing your work colleagues in positions, and from angles you’d never imagined possible, but we soon got over that, minus the odd fit of giggles or moan from Shane, we’ve embraced our inner Yogis and perfected our downward dogs. We’re based on the 7th floor, so often there’s a spectacular sunset which can sometimes be a bit distracting!

Yoga has great health benefits, it makes you more alert, helps you sleep better and improves your immune system, all of which are extremely important when keeping a healthy, happy workforce.

Dare I say that since introducing the office Yoga, I’ve found myself looking forward to Monday!