Once breast cancer spreads, the prognosis is terminal. Not everyone knows this, and while the advances in diagnosis and treatment of primary breast cancer should be celebrated, too many women continue to die from secondary breast cancer. Breast Cancer Now wanted to make sure that the Breast Cancer cause didn’t drop off the political agenda, and that people were aware of the fact that there is still no cure for secondary breast cancer.

Our challenge was to raise awareness of secondary breast cancer and agitate for it to keep its place on the political agenda. We needed to handle the issue sensitively, but in a way that didn’t shy away from the brutal reality of the disease.


The spread of breast cancer means there are extremely difficult conversations taking place every day – conversations between doctors and their patients, and between sufferers and their families. Our campaign confronted people with this question – if mothers are having these conversations with their children, then how can we not talk about it?

We were lucky enough to engage the support of Abby, diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, and in the unthinkable process of helping her son understand what was going to happen. She was the face of the campaign, and her story said it all.

We devised the concept of ‘Spread the word’ to encourage the sharing of our message through social media, and we developed a campaign microsite that featured additional assets and invited people to lobby their local MPs to put secondary breast cancer on their agendas.


  • Social campaign assets, including downloadable ‘spread the word’ cards for people to hold in their selfies
  • Campaign microsite with integrated facility to ‘lobby your local MP’ 
  • Campaign photography
  • Press ads


  • Fundraising: 250% over target
  • Social campaign activity: 180% over target