Connecting to business customers for the BT One Phone launch

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The Brief

The BT One Phone is one of the telecom giant’s biggest business product launches in recent years. It brings together a customer’s fixed and mobile communications, so they can answer work calls on any device, wherever they are. It also lets them manage all their business devices using an online portal – a feature that you’d normally only find in more advanced products.

Our challenge was to create hero content that showcased BT One Phone’s benefits.


The work

According to research, businesses only have one chance to take that all-important call from a prospective customer. Miss it, and they’re likely to lose that business for good. 

Working with the idea that a single call can change your life, we told the stories of businesses that have experienced exactly that. We shot four videos on location on the set of Dragon's Den. These real-life stories showed the value of being able to answer every call with BT One Phone.

The campaign was a hit on social media. Engagement went up by over 40%, and it helped generate 500 leads for BT – including 30 new contracts during the campaign’s run.

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Other work