It can be difficult to strike the right balance of content in B2B social media channels. Our strategy for BT was largely based around providing helpful advice, tips, product news and information relevant to new and prospective business customers. The BT Business Twitter following was steadily rising, engagement rates were healthy and the Klout score was consistently good. But we wanted to see if we could do something to increase positive sentiment, while keeping it on brand, and within a modest budget.


We wanted to engage BT twitter followers in an unexpected way from a large multi national company, with a moment of surprise and delight – and we felt if we got it right, those followers could help us do the hard work (i.e. promote us within their own social communities). So #welldone was born.

The idea was simple; to say ‘well done’ to businesses for a success or achievement. Anything from moving office over the weekend to winning an award, a new client, or raising money. 

The key was immediacy. Within 24 hours of someone tweeting an achievement, we had checked, printed, packed and dispatched the #welldone box so it arrived as quickly as possible. 


  • Social activation plan
  • Packaging design
  • Fulfilment
  • Community management


The Klout score rocketed, we accelerated our follower base and, most importantly, we engaged with real customers in a way they'd never experienced with BT.  

  • Twitter reach of over 138,000
  • 21% engagement rate