Helping Cathay Pacific deliver a life well travelled

Cathay pacific


Cathay Pacific are one of the world's leading airlines, synonymous with luxury travel. Their new proposition — a life well travelled — was something we were asked to bring to life for them and engage with a social media audience on their channels. 


We wanted to tell a story that demonstrated the passion of the brand. And what better way than using one of their most experienced pilots? And a keen hot air balloonist over 300 worldwide flights. And so we found ourselves in a field, at 4.30am, following Captain Nigel Black as he prepared the Cathay Pacific hot air balloon for its flight as part of the Bristol air festival.

A life well travelled is more than just travelling. It's how you do it. The experiences you encounter. The joy you get. And for Captain Black this passion was something we wanted to capture — to demonstrate that Cathay is more than just another airline. It's people make the difference. And so our team, in two balloons (with insurance sorted) lifted off at 6.23am to film the passion in action. We had the hope of getting 'the shot' that we'd all talked about: the Cathay balloon alone over the Clifton suspension bridge. And what a day we had. The planning that went into the day cannot be underestimated, but that was all moot if the wind wasn't with us, or there was the balloonists' nemesis; fog. Thankfully we had a perfect morning. Captain Black was everything we hoped for in terms of demonstrating passion and expertise. And we got 'the shot'. 



Behind the scenes


  • Long form film
  • Social specific edits to be used across the campaign