A new app to make life easier for Experian’s teams

→ Experian


The Brief

As a company driven by Big Data, Experian prides itself on holding accurate information, and being able to give it to the right people fast. While that was the norm for its customers, Experian realised its internal teams were struggling to get what they needed from multiple systems. It needed an easier way to get useful information.

An app was the answer – one designed to put information at their team’s fingertips, without compromising on security.


The work

We created Kit, an app that delivers rich content on demand. Simple search made is easier for the sales team to get the information they needed and have more productive conversations. It passed multiple security reviews, had a 92% reach across invited users, and is ready to upscale to 10,000 devices. The team also wanted a launch video to get their people excited about the new app. We turned the whole project around in just eight weeks, and phase two is already well underway.


Other work