Kenwood approached us to help them design and develop a fully responsive global campaign website to help them promote a new flagship product, the Kenwood Chef Sense.

We’re massive fans of Kenwood and have many of their products in our own homes. When they got in touch with us, we couldn’t have been happier. They wanted to use our digital experience, knowledge of mobile and a fresh set of eyes to help them launch their Kenwood Chef Sense, a new generation of kitchen mixer.

With past launches, their campaigns have been heavily product-focussed, so they wanted to shift this onto the consumer, the benefit that they get from the product and the moments that are created through its use.



The new website was built around 4 key moments that were considered popular amongst their consumer groups; mother and daughter, father and son, three generations and entertaining. Each moment had its own fully responsive page demonstrating how the product can be used, showcasing inspiring recipes and promoting competitions that could be entered to win the product itself.

We also designed and built a product area whereby users could learn about the product itself. Large promotional images, embedded YouTube videos, technical information and where to buy information is displayed in a logical, device agnostic manner.

The website is global, so we were also responsible for setting up various translations for Dutch, Italian, German, Austrian and English.

The mixer was launched globally at John Lewis, Oxford Street with Raymond Blanc demonstrating the benefits of the new product, how it can be used and new recipes that consumers can try themselves at home.


  • Consultancy and ideation
  • UX and design
  • Wordpress development
  • Mobile testing
  • Enterprise hosting
  • Reporting


The Kenwood Chef Sense 'Moments' campaign showcases the product in a totally unique way compared to previous campaigns that have been run. The feedback from consumers, press and retailers has been really positive.

Ongoing, we’re monitoring product awareness as well as social media engagement.