Amazon Go - welcome to 21st century shopping.


So Amazon are creating a bricks and mortar store. But with a 21st century twist, naturally. Thanks to Amazon Go Stores there will be no queues, no check outs, and presumably no 5p for a bag (how you get your shopping home is quite another matter). This latest development from the pioneers that are Amazon (didn't they just used to sell books) frankly isn't surprising, after all we're a matter of a few test crashes away from the first commercial drones delivering our groceries (I assume they'll use bags) to our door. 

Whilst scan and shop has been around a while, this takes it to the next level. The same way the iPhone did from the iPod - a natural next step in the evolution. Amazon Go relies on the connectivity from aisle shelf to our personal Amazon account. It's really rather clever - although there is a sense of a deja vu in its intent to create a new way for us to spend more money with Amazon. Like the damn 'other people bought' nudge technique that gets us every time - creatures of habits that we are. But, it's so simple (and therefore clever) that on first view, it seems it fits an obvious, modern age need - the need for speed. 

What is surprising perhaps is the changing attitudes to data - there feels to be a groundswell towards an openness for brands to access our personal data as long as they trust the brand and it appears to benefit us - one assumes that Amazon have done their due diligence in respect to user research before committing shovel to ground and laying the first brick. Perhaps this is a generational thing, perhaps it's simply an educational thing. Only time will tell if it's the end of the last minute chocolate purchases in the queue. What is for sure, with the likes of Amazon changing how we shop, Air BnB changing how we holiday, Uber changing how we travel, things are moving at a greater pace than ever. And for the old guard, it's scary. For us...well, as long as we can place our trust in them, it's exciting.