2 minutes with Chris Cardew


What do you do at Sideshow?

Head of Planning by day.

Quiz master by night

One word to describe Sideshow?


How would you describe the state of the marketing industry right now?

Full of opportunity.

The rise of independents resulting in increased competition is raising the standard of work across the board, everyone is upping their game. It’s a great time to be a client, a motivating time to be an agency.

What do marketers need to do to capture consumer attention today?

Given the amount of time the average person spends on mobile today, versus watching TV or even spending time online via desktop, finding ways to drive brand engagement and create positive brand experiences in mobile is critical. Many brands still bolt on mobile ideas and solutions to ideas that are inherently designed to work in ATL channels, and as a result, the mobile experience feels clunky and in-authentic. Social is still a massive playground and opportunity for brands wanting to capture customer attention on mobile, and some brands are doing really interesting things, such as Patagonia, Nike and ASOS where people are actively following their feeds to get great content and be inspired, not just to shop for products.

Which brand do you think is getting it right at the moment, and why?

American Apparel. Their comeback story is a great one, their new advertising feels fresh but still authentic and they’ve navigated some pretty tough criticism from their past with some great PR. Good to see a brand that truly champions diversity, back here in the UK.

The key to creating great content is...

Creating something that people will want to bother spending time with. Unlike most ads, content isn’t designed to be consumed in a few seconds, so it’s got to add some value, be it educating or entertaining.

The biggest opportunity for brands in the future is…

AI. It might sound like a cliche but the opportunity for brands to use data in smart ways to learn more about people, their behaviours, thoughts and feelings still has huge potential. It should and could lead to the creation of better, more personalised and valuable brand experiences, we just need to get better at identifying the audience problems we want to solve and think about alternative ways to advertising to solve them.

Your favourite app or website?

Instagram, from both a publishing and perusal perspective. I spend far too long on it.

A person or brand you’d recommend following on social media?

Celeste Barber and Nat Geo, for very different reasons. Go check them out!

And just for fun, the one thing i absolutely can’t do is….

Eat egg mayo, don’t let it near me.