Building an app with 20/20 vision

→ Specsavers


The Brief

Finding the right glasses can be a headache. What shape, and what colour? Should you go sporty, fashionable or classic? Before you know it you’ve tried on half the glasses in the shop and can’t remember which pair you like best. Specsavers needed better way, and it turned to us to deliver it.


The work

We developed the UK’s first facial analysis mobile app. It uses facial recognition software to analyse a customer’s face shape and recommend frames. And it goes further, pulling in information on age, gender and purchase history to whittle down the options. It makes it easier to pick the perfect pair. And means customers are more likely to regularly change their glasses.

The app integrates with eCRM too, helping Specsavers proactively email customers when a new frame launches that might fit the bill.


Other work