We have been working with The Body Shop since 2010 when we designed and developed a social aggregator, Q&A tool and reviews portal.

We were approached by their social media team who were having problems with a clunky blog experience, a design that didn't work on mobile devices particularly well and a platform that offered limited up sell opportunity from the actual blog content to product.

With the boom in beauty and lifestyle bloggers giving consumers an easy way to consume content, The Body Shop wanted to provide a platform that would allow their community to find out about their products, how to use them and what causes are being supported by the organisation on a daily basis.



We took inspiration from industry favourites in the blogger world and editorial sites to recreate the current Beauty Blog with a refreshed and user friendly feel.

We ensured that the blog had the essential elements to deliver not only SEO value for The Body Shop but be as easy to enjoy and interact with for their audience as possible;

  1. Easy and directive navigation with clear categories for content
  2. Clean, signposted landing page
  3. Editorial feel blog pages with ability to showcase highlighted products
  4. Email sign up integration
  5. Ability for audience to discuss and share content from the blog


  • Consultancy & ideation
  • UX and design
  • Wordpress development
  • Mobile testing
  • Enterprise hosting
  • Reporting


  • Consistent user experience across homepage, archives and posts
  • Easy to cross sell product from blog content
  • Onboarding of new authors and internal administration is now much simpler