Putting BT in pole position

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The Brief

How do you prove your product can perform under the most demanding conditions? BT’s answer was to become a Williams Martini Racing team technology partner. It was the company’s chance to show just what they could do under pressure. And our job to make the most of this opportunity and bring every split second to life for their customers.

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The work

It would have been easy to get knee-deep in stats, facts and technology – especially because the numbers are so impressive. But the story was bigger than that. BT’s technology was helping people at the top of their game to push harder and win races. That was the story people wanted to hear, so we made a film that heroed them. Legendary driver Felipe Massa, their team Principal, Claire Williams, and the engineering team – from CTO to track-side personnel. 

We filmed over a race weekend to see how BT’s technology was making a difference. Content with the Williams story outperformed other brand messages by up to 60 times in social channels.

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Other work