Zizzi is one of the best loved restaurant chains in the UK, with over 130 restaurants across the UK and over 1.1 million email subscribers. But it's a tough time for the high street eateries, vouchers are putting pressure on margins, there is more choice than ever and home cooking has had a renaissance.  Our challenge was to develop a strategy for engaging the Zizzi 'family' that would use a more value-led proposition to get bums on seats and decrease the reliance on margin stifling vouchers. 


Working with the brand team and the datahouse, we helped develop a strategy for the regular email comms that played on the brand's strengths - locality, provenance and quality. The chain was expanding quickly and each new restaurant employed a local artist to give it a unique identity that was specific to that area. This gave us an opportunity to talk to the database in those regions to announce the new restaurants and encourage them to come and try it for themselves.


The provenance message was largely driven through head chef, Angelo, who scours the Umbrian hills and shores of Italy each year to find the best and freshest ideas for new menu items – great content to engage customers with throughout the year  And the quality came through the on-site cooking - nothing is pre-packed, it's all wholesome, fresh, italian cooking that makes Zizzi stand out. 

We invariably capitalised on the obvious food celebration moments in the year: Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, start of summer for al fresco dining and so on. But the strategy of playing to the brand's strengths meant we had something to talk about throughout the year and provide the audience with reasons to experience Zizzi for themselves.

Weekend Set Menu


  • A programme of emails that went out to various segments throughout the week
  • Content ideas such as Dancing Dad video competition for Father's day


Since taking over this actovity for Zizzi, voucher fulfilment (response) rates went up by 52% and click to open rates have increased by 11%. These campaigns out-perform all other channels in driving footfall to Zizzi restaurants.